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Publisher-World TOS, Posting guidelines and privacy policy.

The purpose of this forum is to openly discuss advertising programs, SEO, browsers and anything related to web publishing. If you do not see a forum applicable to your needs, please let one of the moderators know by posting to the closest forum available. We do not have too many rules, but the ones we DO have are important! Please take a few minutes to read them! Thank you.

By signing on to this forum, you are agreeing that you have read, fully understand and agree to be bound by the following terms, conditions and posting guidelines.

1. Posters agree that they have read and understand the policy of what information can, and cannot, be made public by the advertising network they are discussing. For example, Google will only allow you to make public your total earnings at this point in time. Accounts may be terminated by Google if you do not adhere to their terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of posters to have read and fully understood the terms of the advertising network.

2. You are certifying that you are over the age of 18 by posting here. If moderators suspect that you are a minor they will contact you to request further information.

3. You must have a working email address that we may use to contact you on forum matters. We will not disclose, or sell, personal details or email addresses.

4. This forum is intended to be unmoderated as much as is possible. Therefore we rely on posters to have respect for other posters and web communities and post accordingly. Please do not indulge in flame wars, personal vendettas or abuse of other posters who have an equal right to their views.

5. 'Bad language' is not permitted in Publisher-World forums. Please keep in mind that the group, though all adults, is diverse and what does not offend one person may well offend another. So please show respect for other members, and other web communities, and post accordingly.

6. Moderators have the right to remove, edit or move posts to a more suitable message boards within Publisher-World. Moderation in this forum is intended to be transparent, therefore moderators will enter into public discussions on moderation of this forum.

7. In most instances we will allow user names to be the same as your personal website domain name. Names we consider inappropriate will be removed (with explanation) at the absolute discretion of the moderators. Commercial products or commercial websites as user names may have copyright implications so are not advised.

8. The purpose of the forum is discussion of advertising programs, and web related issues - not to promote your website or any product. Therefore, whilst you may mention your site, please make it relevant to the discussion. SPAMming the site is not permitted.

9. Whilst we do allow URLs to be posted, links must be relevant to discussions, and moderators reserve the right to remove links as they feel appropriate. We won't allow links that have been posted out of context of the discussion, could be deemed as spam or could be deemed as advertising. In addition, we will remove links to anything that may be deemed adult content, possibly illegal, MFA (made for advertising), bad neighborhoods or generally not in the spirit of the Terms of Service.

10. We will allow off-topic discussions, but please keep them to a minimum and have some relevance to the purpose of the forum.

11. We will allow 'review my site' posts in the Case Studies forum provided they are bona-fide requests and not an attempt at self-promotion.

12. Any messages you post are your sole opinion, and reponsibility. Publisher-World will not be held liable for any messages posted.

13. How we deal with 'Nuisance posters'. Although we want visitors to post in an unmoderated forum, we do need posters to respect others and post accordingly. Posters that are deemed to have posted outside the spirit or letter of this TOS will be warned by moderators three times. This may be a public warning, or it may be a private warning. If the poster refuses to toe the line, then, subject to a majority agreement from moderators, the poster will be removed and barred from future discussions.

14. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice at any time.
Version: January 21, 2007