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Subject: No glass ceiling?
Traffic up and down [as usual] for the last three months.

CTR up and down for the last three months. Not wild gyrations. +/- 30% daily.

EPC up and down for the last three months. Within a band of -50%/+140% daily.

Net income? Each month's variation?

Less than +/- 1.5%

No, there isn't a glass ceiling which has steadily reduced revenue [except last three months,Nov - Jan] by a steady repetitious average 15% per month.

Given the strength of the $A, in real terms, EPC must be at record levels. Even allowing an obvious inflation factor since June, 2003.

CTR was halved some way back since then. The days clicking on the ad no longer worked, but now click on the link.

It, a year or so back, was halved yet again. Why? I dunno. So it is now around 25% of 2003.

Traffic of course has diminished when the numbers on the internet have grown exponentially since 2003. Think about that real growth.

Back in 1998 there was Yahoo, Alta Vista and a couple of other I can't quite recollect. There were three premier sites in my genre. Myself and two others. I led the pack at Yahoo.

When Yahoo employed the new Google technology [I bet they were really trialling and refining] about June, 2000 I really rocketed to the stars.

Since then? Copycats, plagiarists, black hats and others have taken their toll.

Lately, add in Panda.

As our beloved Ned Kelly said on the scaffolding:

"Such is life"

I can't complain, I've earned close to seven figures and had a real good run. Probably better than I deserved.

It all started with my answering an arcane question on a ham radio email list in 1998 and realising I'd need to provide schematics. The very original page? I cleaned it up when I learned a few things about HTML.

Google: "trf receivers" I once had the ONLY page on the internet. I get an entry on page 2 of Google for the newer site, but NOT the very original page.

Here it is:
No I can't find it.

Here's the transferred 200 version [only slightly modified]

February 01, 2012 01:49PM

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