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Subject: Adwords change - will it effect adsense?
I've just posted in the adwords forum the latest change adwords is introducing. How do you feel this will impact your adsense earnings - or will it have no effect?

Personally I am fed up with the constant changes within Google, and am now using Yahoo far more. Yes the traffic is less for UK - but at least there is some consistency with them. They tend to keep any major changes down to once a year - unlike Google where it is a constant ever fluctuating market.
August 09, 2007 05:28PM
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Subject: Re: Adwords change - will it effect adsense?
Although the changes are for the SERPS and not on the content network it may still have an impact.

Every time when an ad for my main search keyword appears above the search results, I can see a drop in referred pages by Google.

Normally I'm ranking #2 on that keyword, but with 2 ads above the results I'm pushed down to #4 (I can hardly see the yellow box surrounding the ads).

Strange thing is that when the ads are shown above the serps and not alongside the serps the CTR on my site (the channel for that keyword) jumps from around 3% to around 6% (it's the same ad showing on my site as the one in the serps).

- Less visitors.
- CTR up.
- Bottom line up.
August 09, 2007 05:59PM

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