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Subject: Ubuntu Linux first impressions
I just installed and am typing this from my first ever attempt at Linux on my new laptop.

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 - the Hardy Heron - as a dual boot along with windows Vista.

The installation and configuration was straight forward and I think anyone can do it, this is as exciting as buying a new computer, will be updating this thread with discoveries and questions.

First impression, very glad to find Firefox pre-installed, connecting to the internet via wifi was a couple of clicks away, I see there is office here too, cool!

I can live with it, now off trying to figure out how to import my Firefox bookmarks from my vista to ubuntu.
September 11, 2008 11:14PM
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Subject: Re: Ubuntu Linux first impressions
I use Ubuntu for my main server, but I don't use its GUI, only the command-line.

Glad to hear that the GUI is OK.

I do use the GUI on my little EEE laptop, but its the Xandros flavour of Linux...


September 12, 2008 07:40AM

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