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Subject: Find Hotlinked Images
OK... just this month alone... several forums have hotlinked images from my site.. and it is costing me heaps in bandwidth...

My question is when I check with my AW stats I can only get the forum page not and cannot find the topic or the image that someone has stolen from my site.

Can anyone help me on how to search deeper into the my stats to find the images in question... as I can't be bothered to rename every image on my site so that they get a red X box...

This is driving me crazy as I have to do it just about every couple of weeks... to save on bandwidth... blog are easy to remove... however, forums are a lot harder to find... help...

BTW I do have a lock on my sites to stop most the the thieves... but alas not all...
March 02, 2008 04:33PM
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Subject: Re: Find Hotlinked Images
cPanel if you have it with your hosting has an anti hotlinking feature.
March 02, 2008 04:38PM
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Subject: Re: Find Hotlinked Images

I have seen some inexpensive hosting providers that promise blocking hotlinking.

I don't know how they do it, but one way I understand you can do it is to set up a rule that any request for an image from a page that isn't on your domain will redirect to an image of your choice--such as a large JPEG saying what you think of bandwidth thieves.
March 02, 2008 07:13PM
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Subject: Re: Find Hotlinked Images
Click on the url and go to the site, browse and find your image. On the images you can do a right click then properties and see exactly where it is linking.

I have a simple set up (no htaccess) using a world of advertising for my site from that one link so I guess they never recheck it once it is linked. smiling smiley

From there just use your imagination.

If you would like to use the htaccess route then here is a very good site that lays it out for you.



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March 02, 2008 08:10PM

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