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Subject: Changes to Amazon TOS
So far I've received two notifications of changes. France and UK.

No I haven't scrolled all the way down in Mailwasher. Just talk among yourselves while I check.

Nope nothing else yet. Here's the scoop. UK version [I'll leave the French version out because certain smart alecs here can read it without resorting to childish High School French and make utter fools of themselves like me].

Especially when you have an Australian accent. A real world joke I must pass along to you first.

An infantry mate of mine from the mid 1960's whom the Army taught French, Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese.

About my age, he somehow finagles a free trip to Paris where he meets and converses with many people. This is a true story.

Ultimately he encounters this gorgeous Vietnamese bird at a party, likely from North Vietnam. Obviously his brains tell him to keep a respectful distance [for security reasons].

Later that night, she approaches him and tells him in the traditional Asian way:

"You funny you" in English.

He replies in fluent Vietnamese: "Why is that?"

She replies in Vietnamese: "Because you speak very good Vietnamese. But with an Australian accent"

OK. It was really funny at the time. Back to Amazon, here's the guts of it:
Important Changes to the Associates Operating Agreement
Dear Associate,

We are writing to give you notice of changes to our Amazon EU Associates Programme Operating Agreement ('Operating Agreement') with effect from May 11, 2011 ('Effective Date'). From the Effective Date, you will need to comply with the new terms of the amended Operating Agreement as shown at the following address: []. An outline of the recent changes to the Operating Agreement can be found in this location.

If you object to the terms of this amendment, you may give us notice in writing within seven days of the date of this e-mail. If you do give us such notice your participation in the Amazon EU Associates Programme will terminate on the Effective Date. Please CONTACT US no later than May 10, 2011 if you wish to terminate your participation.

Your continued participation in the Amazon EU Associates Programme on or after the Effective Date constitutes your acceptance of the updated Operating Agreement, so please be sure to review the updated Operating Agreement carefully.

Best regards,
Your Associates Team

For and on behalf of
Amazon EU S.à r.l

No, I haven't read the bloody thing.
May 04, 2011 03:08PM

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