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Subject: Recommended affiliate program
OK, just for PW members, I want to share an affiliate program to which I belong.

It's a company called Bookcloseouts. They sell remaindered books--new books publishers have sold off at lower than their usual price--and some "scratch and dents"--books returned by bookstores with minor blemishes.

They pay a 13% commission, and have a long cookie (as far as I can tell). And they allow you to buy through their own links. You can link to individual books, sections of their site, or special promotions (they usually have a new promotion every month). You can also set up a search box.

They are based on the US/CA border so will only be good for you if you have visitors from those areas.

I have not made huge amounts from them but that's partly because I hadn't been featuring them, I think. Now with AdSense sliding, I am now trying to make them more prominent. Here is a sample, up on my What's New page:


Anyone else want to share a favorite program?
May 13, 2010 08:48PM
Ian C. Purdie
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Subject: Re: Recommended affiliate program
I had a look but couldn't find anything relevant for me.

Affiliate programmes for electronics sites are hard to find. A couple I would like to participate in won't accept anyone outside of the US.
May 13, 2010 10:03PM

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