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Subject: CPSIA and Publishers
I contacted Amazon Associates, and it appears that we publishers would not be liable should someone wind up buying a leaded product after entering Amazon through a link on our sites. But who really knows? The fellow, Joe, that I talked to seemed to be trying to BS me, and when I asked him if he had any official memo on the matter, he admitted he had not.

Anyway, if people on your boards are going bonkers, saying they'll have nothing left to sell, do your research carefully.

This started when Glenn Beck gave one of his conservative opinion pieces on his Fox network show. Like, conservative businesses that order lead-based toys from China are going to pay through the nose when this law goes into affect! Poor dears. Got to protect them more than the infants being given leaded teething rings. :-q

Amazon compliance letter regarding CPSIA
January 10, 2009 12:47AM
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Subject: Re: CPSIA and Publishers

I don't think we would be liable any more than we are for any other product sold on Amazon. Which might not stop some fool from suing us!

There was a big article about this in Publishers Weekly, the trade journal for the publishing business. Apparently children's book publishers are freaking out, because they are supposed to be in compliance by Feb. 10, when the law was only passed in November!

It's fairly ridiculous that it applies to books anyway--the only kinds of books that are like toys, meaning novelty books, which may have plastic or moving parts, are already tested. Plain old books just don't have lead...


And this could effect Amazon Associates if books aren't available--it's not just the liability issue.

I'm betting that publishers will get some changes made, but who knows?
January 10, 2009 03:45AM

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