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Subject: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
Here's a quick overview of my experience with the Yahoo Publisher Network program.

YPN customer service is quite good. All YPN publishers are given a toll-free number to call, and after keying in your account number, you are connected to a live human being who is happy to help you. Whenever any kind of follow-up on their part is called for, you can count on them to take care of it. They're nice people to deal with.

The YPN automatic deposit system is easy to set up and it works smoothly. Whenever you're owed at least a hundred dollars, within a few weeks it is deposited into your account.

Unfortunately, that's all I have to say about the YPN program that's positive.

Perhaps you have already heard reports from other YPN publishers saying that they are surprised at the very low number of clicks that YPN actually acknowledges. I can confirm this. For me, it was typical to have many days with no clicks at all. In my two years with the YPN program, there were as many days where I got credit for one click and earned seven cents as there were where I earned more than a dollar. I easily make more with AdSense in a day than I ever did with YPN in a whole month.

Part of the reason that YPN earnings are so low is that the YPN ad targeting is horrible. One reason for this is that YPN has a relatively small number of advertisers. If there are no ads available that are relevant to a page on your site, you can expect ads for just about anything. When that happens, not only does it make your site look bad, but nobody clicks on them because nobody is interested in them.

Having always regarded a lot of what Yahoo! has done over the years as being mediocre, I shouldn't be surprised about any of this.

Unless you are unable to use AdSense on your site, my recommendation as far as YPN is that you don't waste your time with it; and if you do, don't expect to make much with it.

It's too bad, because that toll-free number for a helpful customer service rep is sure a nice thing to have.
September 06, 2008 07:18PM
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Subject: Re: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
I can't bother with Yahoo. The add program is not available here and as a traffic resource it's at 17th place in my logs.
September 06, 2008 07:28PM
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Subject: Re: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
- Bad targeting:
Not a surprise as good targeting needs an algo that measures topic relevance, and if you can do that, you can run a successful search engine, Yahoo simply is not there.

- Few advertisers:
Again not a surprise, limiting the network to the borders of the US gives it a small reach and is less attractive to major advertisers.

Yahoo is unfairly holding up the distant second position, it should have been buried by other forward looking global networks a long time ago.
September 07, 2008 01:52AM
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Subject: Re: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
Yes, good point. Assuming that US == world really comes home to roost on the Internet; unfortunately less so in US domestic politics for now!


September 07, 2008 09:48AM
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Subject: Re: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
Sorry for "bumping" an old thread, but I recently tried the other side of the coin - advertising through Yahoo - and wasn't impressed. A very low conversion rate combined with them requiring you to pay in advance means that I'm not only out my initial investment, but the amount tied up in my current account balance. I guess I have to cancel my account to get the balance back.

-- Roger

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June 09, 2009 09:36PM
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Subject: Re: Yahoo Publisher Network is a waste of time
I have to say that yahoo is doing OK for me at the moment - infact I have seen a 5 fold increase in revenue (Overture) and also a significant rise is PPC traffic for another site. I hasten to add - One site seems to do well in UK - and the other fairs better with French traffic - I guess it all depends on your market. I also agree re the paying up front bit - I hate their interface - and find it frustratingly slow to do any tweaking.
June 10, 2009 12:29AM

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