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Subject: "Network problems"
I had my ADSL router/modem fail yesterday while up in town at my client and already booked to spend the evening out.

Got back after midnight and after attempts to fix it in the pitch dark without waking everyone up decided to buy a new one today, which I have, relatively easily with two decent shops in close walking distance. (The wonders of working in central London.)

This evening I managed to establish that only the power supply was futt, and so I am temporarily running the old router off a suitable adjustable laptop supply, but tomorrow I will attempt to configure the shiny, new, and probably faster replacement, retiring the current one to stand in if I have a failure in future.

A handful of my smaller sites (and email) were therefore off the air for a little over 24 hours, though my main one and mirrors (and DNS, etc) all rattled on just fine I believe.

I shall look for the footprints in the AdSense revenue: I expect to have lost at most about 10%--20% of one day's revenue. If so, my 'robust' systems will have worked!


January 13, 2011 09:50PM
Ian C. Purdie
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Subject: Re: "Network problems"
All good stuff mate.
retiring the current one to stand in if I have a failure in future
Yep that junk out in the shed is always a pain in the misses backside...


You know what hits the fan and in a moment of genius?

You can suddenly impress into service in an emergenct the shxt from the shed while your wife confidently tell all her friends what a genius she married, how he can turn his hand to anything, diagnose any problem...

Later that night in bed?

"If you flirt ever again with that new divorcee tart up the street, you will then begin to speak with a squeaky voice"


Common sense, foresight, preparation are good. So long as "that new divorcee tart up the street" doesn't share those views.

Been there, done that.
January 14, 2011 10:44AM

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