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Subject: Amongst other good reasons to stay self employed
One doesn't have to put up with employers dumb questions ..

December 31, 2010 12:39PM
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Subject: Re: Amongst other good reasons to stay self employed
Oh, I think some of those are rather fun: I've been on both sides of the interview desk with those kind of questions in play. (I don't usually do that well at them myself, but a sensible putative employer should be working out how well you can do in the face of incomplete information or a complex knotty task.)


December 31, 2010 09:33PM
Ian C. Purdie
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Subject: Re: Amongst other good reasons to stay self employed
The only downside to being self employed [which I have been most of my adult life] is you get to see the "drones" who worked in brain numbing jobs finally retire with munificent lumps sums or, from my generation, with substantial pensions for life. I know people receiving, before tax, $2,000 a week pension and it increases in line with the old job.

But I would never have had their brain numbing job. The down side for them is without their daily routine of 50 years, they don't know what to do.

All too often in small business you can come a gutzer in the latter part of your life not through stupidity but, because you can't adapt to rapidly changing circumstances over which you have no control.

Been there, done that and I'm not alone.
December 31, 2010 11:49PM

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