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Subject: About Publisher-World and FAQ
Hello, and welcome to Publisher-World. We hope you enjoy your visit to the site, and will consider becoming part of the fastest-growing community for web publishers.

What is Publisher-World?

Publisher-World is a group of like-minded individuals who are respected web authors and web publishers with considerable experience of the Google AdSense/AdWords programs. We came together to share knowledge and expertise, and also to just chill with friends and have some fun! In going public, we hope to support fellow webmasters by sharing our experiences and expertise, and also to learn from the skills and experience of our new members.

Why is Publisher-World different from other forums?

Unlike other forums, Publisher-World comes to you courtesy of the founder members of the group. We don't have membership subscriptions or ebooks to sell. We created this forum to discuss all aspects of web publishing with fellow webmasters and publishers in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. That factor is what we felt was missing in other forums, and one of the major reasons for founding our own. Hence alongside the forums where we discuss specific topics, we also have the Lounge where members can just chill, chat to friends, make new friends and wander off-topic to their hearts content!

Who are we looking to have join us?

Anyone looking to improve their web business, or share their experience/expertise with others. You don't have to be a large publisher with multiple sites to join, we welcome all publishers and contributors - large and small. We don't discuss Google AdSense/AdWords exclusively - we will discuss any ad network. If there isn't an appropriate forum available, please post in the Lounge forum that you'd like one to be created. We are happy to respond to our posters needs, and will try and accommodate them here!

What topics are allowed?

Any subject that is relevant to web development, and developing an online web publishing business (large or small). Please take a look at our wide range of forums, discussion topics and example threads. We are looking for members willing to take part in high-quality discussions.

As we are concentrating on quality of discussion here, certain thread topics are probably best not posted. Examples of topics we do not encourage are:-

Why did I get banned for clicking my own ads?
Where is the bucket of cash?
What keywords will make me rich?

We expect our members to have read and understood the terms of service of the ad network they wish to discuss. Many of these questions are answered in the ad providers TOS that you agreed to when you signed up, or on their FAQ page. You should glance at them occasionally! In order to maintain a high standard of discussion, the type of topics listed above are likely to be deleted.

Joining Publisher-World

Registration is simple. You can register to post from the home page of Publisher-World. You need to provide a working email address, choose a user name and password. Once you complete the form, one of our moderators or administrators will register you. This may take a few hours, depending on where you live and when the moderators log on to check. Please be patient! Once approved, you will be able to log in using the user name and password you chose. Although we don't have a rule against using your own domain name as your user name, we advise against doing this. It is a discussion group, and having a user name the same as an obvious domain name may lead to self-promotion rather than discussion. Moderators will use their discretion and will not allow you to use domain names as user names in a lot of cases for a variety of reasons. You are welcome to use your domain name in your signature if you choose to though.

Can I post immediately?

No. We are going to keep this as a forum for quality posters. We hope you understand that this is the reason we have our policy of posting an introduction before we let you loose!

Your application for registration must be approved by one of the moderators. Moderators aren't on duty 24x7, but your application will normally be approved within 12 hours.

At that point you will be able to post your introduction in the member introductions forum, and read the other forums.

Before you are given full posting rights to the other forums, you must have your introduction approved by a moderator.

Is the forum moderated?

Yes, like most forums this one is also moderated. However, our rules on posting are more relaxed than some forums, and our stance on moderation is also much less draconian and much more accountable and transparent. The spirit of our terms of service / posting guidelines is to enable our members to share knowledge in a friendly environment, and our rules are simple. To this end we promise to keep moderation to the bare minimum, and we promise that any moderation necessary will be fair, proportional and reasonable. We are completely open on moderation, and promise to discuss it in public if members wish us to.


We welcome your suggestions and input here. If you wish to discuss Publisher-World, or make suggestions to improve the forums we provide, please post to the Lounge forum. We are happy to have feedback, so please feel free to express your opinions.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Publisher-World, we are happy to help. You can contact us at Once registered you can send any of the senior members, moderators or administrators who are active in the Member Introductions forum a private message, and we will respond.

Thanks for reading - enjoy!

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