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Subject: Spooky high ranking
I wrote a new useful but unexciting piece/page a few days ago and for fun and profit as one does I put its two-word descriptive title into Google and ranked 2nd (1st in UK-only results). Nowhere on the front page in Bing by contrast (though 3rd in UK-only results), and I've earned a grand total of rather less than US$1 from the ads on that page so far, but still rather pleasing.



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November 25, 2009 10:05PM
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Subject: Re: Spooky high ranking
Traffic is traffic is traffic is money
For now a couple of well placed internal navigation related links on that page will generate the money, and a little later well anchored other internal links pointing to that page to solidify position on the main keywords without spamming .. All should pay well short & long term, oh and congratulations, I how it feels, the closest to winning an award kind of feeling :-)
November 27, 2009 12:07AM
Ian C. Purdie
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Subject: Re: Spooky high ranking
I wrote a new useful but unexciting piece/page a few days ago and for fun and profit as one does
Quite possible I've done the same in the past. For all of us who have then so - Good Luck to us!

My personal experience of writing the benign is that it then became almost "instant hits" stuff which it didn't merited all that much.

Then again they become enduring "Google Memories". Just in my own personal experience.

Pages of written "drunken krap" which are enduring gems from which I in fact have since earn't lottsa dollars since AdSernse was first invented.

We've all got our favourites!

Encourage me and I'll nominate my very own favourite page. Straight to the top in days back in 2000

Loved it and the world wide attention it gained in my genre [before AdSense].

I was, REPEAT, was totally "pickled back in 2000 when I wrote it. Next day?

Run spell check, check grammar and upload. My biggest one page I ever wrote.

[Before AdSense] and competitors have since worked overtime to bring me down on that one. Yes, instead of No.5 or No. 10 I could be still No.1 with a real original article [back in 2000]

Well, you see, among my international peer group who could care less about Google and, all the other BS, my article is still No .1

Now call me stupid but, my ranking among my peer group, is worth 1,000X my ranking in Google.

My peer group comprises some of the smartest scientists on the planet in my genre.


You can write one entirely drunken page and get totally unexpected results lasting for 10+ years!

Who said I was stupid?
November 27, 2009 04:41AM
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Subject: Re: Spooky high ranking
Ah Ian you are inspiring!
November 30, 2009 10:48AM

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