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Subject: What to do about keywords and description
Hi folks, my new site is getting there and I am hopeful that it will be in shape enough to put it up for your comments next week or thereabouts. I am wondering about keywords. I have built my site in Dreamweaver 8 with the help of a very easy little book from a series called Visual Quickproject 'Creating a Web Page in Dreamweaver 8' by Nolan Hester but I am beginning to wonder if it isn't 'in-depth' enough for what I want to achieve. However, I have been reading the articles in this section and was really pleased to see that I could actually follow the threads.... so the book and building my site has taught me a great deal, because this time last year when you gave me such help with my site (built with Front Page), I wouldn't have been able to grasp much at all from what I was reading. Sooooooo, my question to you boffins is this.... should I put 'keywords/search terms' and a 'description' on each page or only on the index page. I intended to put the search terms relevant to the talks that each public speaker on my site specialises in, but Nolan's book doesn't mention putting keywords and a description on any other page than the index page... so I'm not sure whether this is because the book is so basic, or because that is all one is supposed to do. Also, if anyone can recommend another 'How to' book for possibly taking me gently forward from Nolan Hester, but nothing too tekky or I'll just get demoralised.
Cheers, folks. Dianne
August 21, 2009 11:41PM
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Subject: Re: What to do about keywords and description
I think you're asking about some very SEO basics. But to answer your question,

- yes, put some keywords in your titles
- yes, put some keywords in the description tag
- yes, do some meta keywords

Don't overdo any of this and also try to incorporate some different wording for your main keyword phrases.

Here's a recent video from Matt Cutts about the subject (Google Engineer), it's about 45m, but I think worth your time:
August 22, 2009 12:00AM
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Subject: Re: What to do about keywords and description
What Jo said
with emphasis on
different wording for your main keyword phrases
All within reason, no stuffing and not leaving important related terms out, also the whole thing should not occupy too much of your effort or time, just do a good quick job.
August 22, 2009 02:26AM
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Subject: Re: What to do about keywords and description
There is some debate as to if Meta tags are worth using nowadays, as Google taks account of the text content a lot more. But I think they are still worth adding. Just don't go mad with keywords, make the descriptions and titles relevant to the page. I have to say I've done some blinding errors on meta tags, and a fair few of my pages don't even have them, but that hasn't stopped me being well indexed on Google. Nowadays, Google has the ability to look past the old techniques of keyword stuffing, and looks for content. I honestly wouldn't let meta tags worry you a great deal. Concentrate on making a site that technically works for your visitors, and has quality content throughout the site. Yes, use meta tags as some search engines may still take account of them, but it's content that really matters.

It's worth looking at Google webmaster tools. In the diagnostics section they have html suggestions. This will tell you wether Google consiers your tags to be OK or not, and they suggest remedies. In my case, looking at the page right now they suggest that I've got some duplicate meta descriptions, some meta descriptions they consider short and some missing / duplicate title tags. Now I could use this information to correct the errors and get a better search engine ranking (maybe). I have remedies most of the errors they have picked up, but no increase in position, so I'll probably get round to the rest eventually. But for a new site, I'd highly reccommend webmaster tools, as in reality Google is the only search engine that matters, and the one everybody optimises for.
August 22, 2009 07:49AM
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Subject: Re: What to do about keywords and description
Yes, I'd definitely take a look at Webmaster Tools on Google--if they are pointing out duplicate titles and description tags, I'd take that as clear evidence that they think you should NOT have duplicates.

With the meta keywords tag, be sure to use words that actually appear on the page....
August 23, 2009 01:35AM

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